Worldbuliding: Things that do not belong in this book…

Several paragraphs about why the large elemental beasties are required for admission into the Council of Tides. No, not just paragraphs, essays. Essays about ancient warlords, Fallen Houses, and how the nomadic clans got the brilliant idea to make giant magic batteries in the first place.

Which isn’t important, not right then at any rate. All that’s important for that point in the plot is that the reader knows they need the dead lizard to be not-dead. They could care less about how the darned thing got to be so important. Although I should probably explain it at some point. *eyes chapter 14*

I need more detail on what’s happening now and less information about what’s happening then… darnit.

I’m too addicted to world-building methinks. 😛

Martha Bechtel

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