Because it was so much fun last time… (2/5)

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Five Guess the Plot ideas submitted, four of five used, plus one comment by another reader that they would read a book based off the teaser I had written. How nifty is that? So anywho, here’s the next batch…

The Healer’s Legacy – Not used (too evil?)
In a god-blessed age where death comes only by catastrophic injury, who needs healers anymore? Two magical healers quest to destroy the four Healing Stones and resurrect their dying profession.

Pushing Leaves Towards the SunUsed! (modified)
Terraforming had never been more boring and stuck in the orbiting space station botanical geneticist Thelma has nothing to do but tinker. When the scientist unwittingly creates sentient plants, will the crew realized what they’ve planted before it’s too late?

Sphinx AwakenedUsed!
The last of the sandstone is worn away in a scouring wind and the creature that had been entrapped for centuries is finally free. Can the modern world bind the powerful Sphinx yet again, or will Ancient Egypt have the last laugh?

What’s Wrong with Us? – Not used (and not really suprised. *shrugs*)
Four best friends dive into the stormy seas of Graduate School. Between lab work, papers, and student teaching, can they find a way to keep from killing each other over the mess that is their apartment?

Wrecking Ball – Not used
Susan had a nice life; not perfect, but nice. That was until she was yanked from line in a bookstore and into an alternate universe. Now a self-assigned bodyguard to the teenager who was standing behind her in line, she guards the Chosen One from the Evil Sorcerer… and the girl’s own devoted followers.

Now I really should be getting to my homework… ^_^;;

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