*amused* 5/5 for EE’s Guess the Plot!

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Was playing on the Evil Editor’s blog and noticed he took submissions for the ‘Guess the Plot’ section of his query reviews (He has one real plot listed amoung several fake ones)… and so I did! I think the camels are my favorite. ^_~

A Guardian’s Tale – Used!
This was not just any mousehole, as Tess the feline Guardian knew well. This was a doorway into the realm of Faire and if she lapsed in her duties the real world was doomed!

The Goblin Brothers and the Rogue Gold Mine – Used! (used in a modified version)
Steve and Ray Goblin find an abandoned gold mine hidden in the cliffs. Against their mother’s wishes they go exploring, certain that the legendary Rouge that guards it is nothing but a myth.
(Note: Actually I think he did use this one, #3 is an awfully close match. Hmm…. *ponders*)

Papa’s Secret Wish – Used!
He never wanted a real little boy… but undoing the Blue Fairy’s magic would take the help of an even more powerful witch.

The Portal to Doom – Used!
There was a pervading hint of depth to everyday shadows, as if Paul could reach through them into some silent ocean of darkness. And then one day, he could.

Sandstorm – Used!
Two camels trapped in a sandstorm muse on the human condition and the philosophical merits of existentialism. Is the world merely a manifestation of our own subconscious desires, or a shared hallucination of the collective consciousness? And why is there so much sand?

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