Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!! *flails*

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I just put the finishing touches on the Rise and Walk query letter and sent it off to the Evil Editor. *whimpers* I figure I can’t do any worse than the last few that passed over his desk, but… *nervously bites nails* I’m gonna get torn limb from limb methinks. -_-;; Oh well, at least it will take a few weeks for him to get to it! *shiver* The worst he can do is tell me I’m an idiot… right? Right??

… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Why did I do that! I want take-backs! AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! *runs around flailing*

… This is probably a bad indication of my future reactions to actual queries isn’t it? *headdesk*

(Note to Self: I need a flailing icon. That is all.)

Update: It is now officially on the list for snarking… and I think I’m just going to curl up and perish. *fails* … Oh well, if they don’t hate it, that’s one more reason to get it finished! ^_~

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