Daily Snippit: Science Fiction

This snippit is from Three of Wands, which is a Sparrow/Marc story. There is a lot of background that you don’t need to know to follow along. But you do need to know that Marc and Dayv are clones of the Nine Founders. sa-Dayv is the leader of his group of five copies (and is the story’s bad guy), Marc is a singleton because his Line requires it (two of the nine lines are singletons the rest are clone groups). The groups are linked telepathically, hence ‘catch one and you catch them all.’

Very rough outline, but I like watching them argue. Marc is such a paladin some times. ^_~

“Never again, never.” Sparrow glared at the wall, her back to Marc.

“I had to ask, you know that.”

“No you didn’t. Tell them no. Tell them I’m not playing their stupid games. Go buy another bloodhound, I’m not doing this anymore.”

“Yes you will. If I need you too, you will.”



“Don’t play high and mighty now. You’re just as much their hound as I am, it’s just a different kind of leash.”

“No one’s making me do anything. I believe the Founders, and I can’t see why you won’t.”

“They’ve fed you lies, your entire life and you’re just going to sit back and keep eating. You know they’re lying! All of this, every last dammed thing we’ve done, just to keep the lie alive.”

“The Davy Line has always had problems. This sa-Dayv is just a defect, he’ll be corrected. You’ve seen that. Once you caught Dayv, sa-Davy was only a link further. Once one is caught, all are caught; it’s not something he can hide from.”

“So let them clean up the mess. Why don’t we leave? I can get us off planet faster than links can follow. This time Marc, we could make it.”


“You’re selling your life for a dead man’s dreams.”

“It’s not my life to sell, little bird.”

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