Daily Snippit: Urban/Suburban Fantasy

“You don’t really think that, do you?” she shot him a worried look. “I know he’s a little odd, but–”

“Odd is not the word I’d use.”

“It’s a long way from odd to homicidal.”

“Not for him.”

A stubborn silence followed before he finally shrugged. “So maybe he’s right, maybe there’s something out there, but I don’t buy it.”

“Well that’s logical, ‘I don’t like him therefore he’s the killer.’” She twirled a finger in annoyance, “Engarde Mr. Holmes.”

“Bite me Watson.”

“Don’t tempt me.”

Jake chalked it up as yet another reason werewolves and vampires were never going to get along. Given the chance, the undead would always be a smartass.

8 responses to “Daily Snippit: Urban/Suburban Fantasy”

  1. nmdrkangl Avatar

    Given the change, the undead would always be a smartass

    Given the chance.

    1. nmdrkangl Avatar

      unless you mean that being embraced automatically makes one a smartass… though i think that only works with Malk’s. wolves are more likely to be smartasses.

      1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

        Jake would like to point out that werewolves are never ever smartasses. They are simply more intelligent than your average bloodsucking societal parasite. And they smell bad too. Nyaa.

        1. nmdrkangl Avatar

          Yes.. i agree.. werewolves to smell bad too. ^_^

    2. Martha Bechtel Avatar

      *laughs* I was writing at lunch, I blame the mcnuggets. ^_~

      1. nmdrkangl Avatar

        yeah.. that would do it. McNuggets don’t take very good dictation.. the whole not having fine manipulators thing.

        1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

          They were hopping around on the keys distracting me. Soooo not my fault. *nod**nod*

          1. nmdrkangl Avatar

            dats why u supposed to et dem.

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