Daily Snippit: Science Fiction

Call a horse a horse, her Great Aunt’s voice echoed in Leda’s memory as she stubbornly stared down her opposing teammates. The animals in question were grazing behind the group, whuffling contentedly as they made short work of the local wildflowers. She could care less what Dr. Feldstone wanted to christen the deep magenta mammal. It had four legs, fur and was going to be used for transportation… it was a horse.


2 responses to “Daily Snippit: Science Fiction”

  1. nmdrkangl Avatar

    maybe it’s a cammel? or a burro? or a dillo?

    1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

      I give you…. Leda’s Naming Laws:

      Furry, four legs, riding animal = Horse
      Furry, four legs, food animal = Cow
      Furry, small, food animal = Rabbit
      Feathers = Bird

      She might go so far as to call them Pink Horses, or Blue Rabbits, but she’s all for the Occam’s Razor when it comes to names. Just call the horse a horse. ^_~

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