Daily Snippit: Other Fiction

Here’s a bit of a flashback for those who were at old Mary Wash with me. ^_~


Act Two

Scene One

The cafeteria of doom. The cafeteria is done in a queasy combination of colors, with giant posters on the walls proclaiming ‘If it Moves it’s Meat’, ‘Leftovers Build Character’, and other such cheery notes. The entire away team is seated in the salad bar which is on the right side of the stage. Other than that it looks like a normal cafeteria. The away team is busy trying to get out of the salad bar. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is playing softly in
the background.

QUIRK : Remind me to fire Roundup would you? This is disgusting!
CLICHÉ : Ouch!
QUIRK : What is it?
THEO : It seems to be a vegetable, a tomato, a carnivorous plant–
QUIRK : A what?!

They all quickly vacate the salad bar to the left. Where CLICHÉ had been sitting is a very large tomato with a nice set of teeth.

QUIRK : Wow, that’s some salad bar…

As everyone stares at the salad bar, two more tomatoes appear beside the original. They are mottled red and green, with a little more green than red. The theme to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes flares up.

QUIRK : Quick! Set your phasers on deep fat fry!
JOHN : But sir! Think of the cholesterol!
QUIRK : Use the fat free setting, just hurry!

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