Daily Snippit: High/Second World Fantasy

It rose from the sea in a rush of steam that crackled and hissed against the hull. Deep black eyes the size of a Lukra’s palm blinked sideways at the touch of air. Instinctively he reached to touch the restless scaled side, to prove the swaying beast was real.

“Lukra!” Damlia slapped his hand away, before the burning heat of the Lamistra could char his fingertips. He smiled sheepishly and moved away from the railing.

“SPEAK, CHILD OF AIR.” The wood and sails vibrated around them as the Lamistra’s wails rode through the water.

“We invoke the Boon of Water,” Damila took the clay seal from her pouch and dramatically shattered it across the railing.

The Lamistra cocked its head to watch the pieces turn to dust as they hit the waves. “WHAT DO YOU ASK OF WATER?”

“Kill the Child of Earth.”

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