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The things I find whilst cleaning! *grin* From the long lost folder of the Nine Kingdoms and the world of Avenshark… I give you Creation and Cataclysm! *dramatic rumble* Or in other words, a seventh grader’s take on creation myths. ^_~ (I really need to rename some of those gods! Doh.)


Creation and Cataclysm

It is said that long ago the Creator God Orion looked into the emptiness, said “Bugger it, I’m bored.”, and created the world of Avenshark. Nobler stories have risen in time, but all more or less agree that it was boredom that caused the creation of the world as we know it. At any rate, Orion was a fanciful God, and bequeathed the planet seven moons and two suns, but no nearby planets, thus giving the followers of astrology a headache. The two suns circle each other, Avenshark circles the two suns, and the seven moons randomly found their own orbits.

But even this masterful work of creation was rather boring, and so Orion let a little chaos into the system, and created life. Being a fanciful God, he bypassed evolution altogether and created many an interesting species, most of which have absolutely nothing in common. This done, he sat back to watch chaos work it’s magic.

Life happily flourished, and because of the nature of Orion, much of it was blessed with a sever case of intelligence. These intelligent creatures banded together as their natures allowed, and formed nomadic clans. After a time two creatures of differing species fell in love, as intelligent creatures are want, and brought their plight to Orion’s attention. Orion, being a kind and loving God as well as having a twisted sense of humor, gave them both the ability to change into a humanoid form. This seemed like such fun that he blessed the rest of the intelligent folk with the same ability. Thus were the Kinds born.

Because of Godly whims the intelligent beings fell into one of four group: The Avius, which had birdlike forms, The Canius, which had doglike forms, The Felinius, which had catlike forms, and the Equius, which has horselike forms. Each of the groups tended to keep to themselves, and soon formed instinctive dislikes of each other. The Equius liked only the Avius, the Avius got along well with everyone but the Felinius, the Felinius tended to hate everyone, and the Canius were more or less impartial.

At this point Orion tired of Creating things and wandered off to bother his peers. The world missed his presence and suffered in many ecologically correct ways. The orbits of the moons changed drastically as the normal laws of physics went into effect, and the planet tilted on it’s axis, causing no end of geological uproar. Life on the planet of Avenshark, discovered the joys of evolution, and chaos decided it was time to have a little fun.

When Orion wandered back a few hundred years later, he found the planet in a mess.

This was ‘Not Good’.

In a rage Orion turned on the four kinds and randomly froze nine tenths of the population in whatever form they happened to be in at the time. Thus did the humans suddenly become their own, independent, species. Not being a God to forgive and forget, Orion stormed off again, leaving Avenshark to recover.

And recover it did. The newly formed species of humans set about expanding its numbers, and carving a new life for itself. Those shapeshifters who remained, declared themselves God’s Chosen, and retreated from the human expansion. And the intelligent animals rapidly returned to the ways of their distant ancestors. New societies formed, wars were fought, and eventually the Gods were created.

When the Orion stormed off, he left eddies of the stuff of creation behind. Those eddies, with nothing productive to do, quickly fell whim to the religious fervor of the humans. Enough belief spawned a deity, who quickly fell to work supporting that belief, lest it return to the eddies from whence it came. This produced a ‘working class’ or Gods and Goddess, who interfered on a daily level with the intelligence below. While none of the newly created deities were even minutely as powerful as Orion, they could, and did, make their presence felt.

Thus the Council of the Gods came to be, and all was well…

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