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I figure maybe the reason the story is stalled is because I don’t know enough about the characters. Maybe I need to switch view-points and follow Sean, or the Bitter-oily, or more personable Mysa. Then again, I like Match. It’s not her fault she’s not much of a people-person. 😛

Anywho, I figure a quick character ramble might be the thing, so this collection will be edited as the day goes by. Descriptions are train-of-thought for now, will probably be edited later to make more sense. ^_~

Real name Wendy
real-world transfer
misses coffee, cell phones, and Big Macs
has problems getting be-spelled items to work
no powers/gifts
can taste portals
wears amulet around her wrist
short brown hair, slightly graying
5′ 2″ built stocky
loves the color brown
ported over when she was 23
left behind a husband and a two year old
been in Avenshark for 16 years
came in before the Shepard program had left the cities
program was more of a ‘contain & kill’ than ‘contain & aid’ back then
bitter, but not overly so
not really a people-person
dislikes young children, prefers teenagers
let’s Sage do most of the talking
passable cook
plays the flute, will duet with Sage
met Sage while teaching a training class
has named every dohgan she’s had ‘Spot’
dislikes City Shepards
drinks black tea triple-strong to mimic her lost coffee

green buffalo-rhino cross
buffalo body shape -front heavy

with shaggier ruff more like lion

rhino horns, skin, feet -no hooves
colored dingy sage green
ruff is darker sage green

only one from her world
loves to munch flowers
constant grazer, when she can she eats
very laid back personality, yoda-ish
like to make people figure out the answers on their own
whistles magic
loves to whistle, non-magic
will do duets with Match
whistles walking tunes while not in danger
met Match while she was in classes at the Academy
is a herd animals, dislikes being alone
terrified of ocean/lakes/large bodies of water
dislikes rivers, but will swim them if she has too
will NOT get on a boat
dislikes large groups of carnivores, even if they are friends

real-world transfer
friend of Peter

Samantha (Sam)
friend of Peter
real-world transfer

real-world transfer

owner of Snoopy
little sister of Peter
real-world transfer

Casey’s beagle
real-world transfer

Match’s dohgan

gold eyes, no pupils
golden hair

Blue raptor-thing

Green raptor-thing

Bitter-oily Jellyfish
Based off a jellyfish
about as wide around as a round kitchen table ‘4?
bubble is filtered hydrogen & helium, initial lift from nitrogen
changes hood content to control flight
very tough membrane, feels like old jello
needs feather spell to float easily
takes a long time to inflate hood
Speaks mainly in feelings
very basic level of communication
No normal language
no name
not a complex society
moderate intelligence
came from gas giant, upper layers
two squid-hunters were from lower layer
was being pulled down when ported
has stingers and tough hand/limbs
has control over limbs
tendency to head towards light


Captain Skyla

N’po and H’po
mostly out of phase with world
appears as vaguely panther-shaped smudge of black
similar in look to the portals
can’t look directly at them for more than a few minutes or get a headache
interacts barely with world
cannot walk through walls
a -lot- of effort to move anything
can only move very small or light things
cannot be cut, shape oozes around objects
cannot separate into parts, probable death
fire, cold, etc have very very faint effects
magic treats them as if they didn’t exist

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