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I found an old excel spreadsheet that tracked all of the short stories and long stories that I had ever worked on. Out of these, I think maybe ten were ever finished. o_O;;

A Bear’s Tears
A Call to Arms
A Dark and Stormy Night
A Highland Moon
A Night Without End
A Step Sideways
A Twin’s Tale
A Twist in Time
Abrem and the Unicorn
Ace of Spades
Alone Again
Alphabet Soup
Amnesia, Amnesia!
Arctic Adventure
As the Fur Flies
Bardic Tales
Betty White and the Seven Midgets
Black Obsidian
Black Ravens
Black Rose
Blood Brothers
Call of the Wolf
Cat’s Eye
Channel Surfing
Christmas Dragon
Cliche’ Boy
Clover and the Northwind
Dancing Partners
Dappled Ghost
Dark Circles
Dark Rider
Darkmoon’s Legacy
Death at Sunset
Death Wish
Declaration of the Bedroom
Dodger’s Tale
Dog Days
Dragon Child
Dragon Mists
Dragon Moon
Dragon Scroll
Dragon Stone
Dragon Wall
Dragon’s Bane
Dragon’s Fire
Dragon’s Hatching
Dragon’s Kin
Dreamer’s Call
Eddie’s in the Space-Time Continuum
Email Me
Equis Encounter
Essence of a Cat
Field of Battle
Five ’till
Gold Fever
Gone to the Dogs
Gypsy Dreams
Hell’s Angels
Honor of a Unicorn
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
It’s All Just Shades of Grey
It’s Nonsense, isn’t it?
It’s Raining Cats and Dogs
Jason, Dragon Singer
Kasumi Ponderings
Kender Rain
Killer of Commercial
Kingdom of Dragons
Knight of Wands
Let Loose the Dogs of War
Listen My Children
Looking Back
Lost Valley
Mage’s Test
Magic’s Call
Mark of a Fool
Master Piece of Silliness
Me, My Shadow, and I
Midnight Sun
Mighty Morphin Jusenkyo Sailors
Minimum Wage
Mom, I’m a Mutant
Mountain’s Tears
Mr. Electron Books (many)
My Camping Trip
My Cat is a X-man!
Mystic Dragons
Never Alone
Night Magic
Night Quest
Not Everyone Wears Spandex
Of Mice and Men
Old Blue Eyes
Other Tales
Panel 49
Peanut Butter
Ranger of the Pony Express
Rebecca’s Fantasy
Red on Black
Renegade Mage
Return to the Kingdoms
Rough Draft
Saber’s Quest
Sampson the Wonder Cat
Scarlet Rangers
Seasons’ Glory
Shadow Wood
Shadows of a Dream
Silent Night
Silver Mountain
So You Wanna Be An X-Man
Soda Dog
Song of the Dragon
Spell Lender
Spirit Quest
Star Trek : The New and Improved Generation
Story’s End
Suffer the Children
Teenage Mutant Ninja Snails
The Ace of Spades
The Adventures of Right Angle
The Bear Went Over the Mountain
The Bounty Hunter
The Christmas Foal
The Clan of the Wolf
The Day Cerebro Crashed
The Dragon Watcher’s Book
The Dragons of Afterdawn
The Everwoods
The Final Moon of Astar
The Forgotten Christmass
The Ghost Hounds
The Girl and the Morgan
The Golden Planet
The History of Gold
The Last Star of Paradise
The Laws of the Jungle
The Magic Fish
The Many Moons of Pluto
The Mists of Haitys
The Nine Commanders
The Oak Tree Dragon
The Old Dog and the Sea
The Path of the Gods
The Phantom of the Internet
The Price of Magic
The Princess Bride – A Ranma 1/2 Production
The Road Less Taken
The Walrus and the Carpenter
The Waymen’s Song
Thunder and Lightning
Tiger’s Thanksgiving
Two Pair
Under a Dragon’s Wing
Unicorn Black
Upon a Black Unicorn
Virginia’s Child
Watching the Pot
Watching the Rain
We Come in Peace, Shoot to Kill
What’s in a Name?
Where the Heart is
White Flame
Wild and Free
Wild Country
Wild One
Winged Death
Winter’s Night
Wishful Thinking
Your Mother Was a Hamster
Ze Fall of Zyclopz and Ozer Talez…

Martha Bechtel

My name is Martha Bechtel and I write fantasy and science fiction stories, paint small model horses silly colors, cast resin and plaster magnets, code random code (and Wordpress plugins)... Come on in and join in the fun!

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  1. dawnmipb

    I have a similar spreadsheet in my computer right now, but the entries are not so numerous (wow!), and they have been more or less randomized. I’m trying to feel them out to see if any want to be written.

    Are any of these at all speaking to you?

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Sadly, yes. ^_^;;

      Dreamer’s Call and it’s sequel (who’s name I forget) were about this pack of magical wolves akin to Talechaser’s Song although flavored a bit more with ‘High Fantasy’. I’d completely forgotten about them till I found the list, and now they won’t get out of my head. Darn you oh magical wolf siblings!

      Oh, and then there’s the Song of the Dragon novel about the deaf girl who finds out that the Singing Dragons aren’t actually singing.

      Or the The Many Moons of Pluto which was inspired by A Winkle In Time and is thus fannishly similar.

      Or, or… darnit, I just need to do a story sum-up for each of them and figure out which are salvageable. ^_~

      1. dawnmipb

        That’s what I do with my “kerneling”. I test them out to see if they have any chance of flight at all.

        If you ever feel like trading stories, let me know! I won’t have anything to share until I’ve drafted “No Good Deed,” but my email address is on my infopage if you ever need it. 🙂

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