SHSP: The Sparkle Ponies

Shiny Happy Sparkle Ponies (SHSP) actually consist of multiple groups of ponies, but the very first ponies were the Sparkle Ponies…


Long ago when the world was first created, the Celestial Unicorn was placed in charge of the Land of Dreams. She created the Rainbow by using her crystal horn as a prism on the moonbeams. She placed one end of the Rainbow in the Real World and one end in the Land of Dreams. Her task accomplished, she retired to sleep in her Palace on the Moon… and thus is was for many a year.

But over time, as the world grew and changed, darkness came to the Land of Dreams.

No longer were the dreams always full of Goodness and Light. Some dreams were of Shadows and Monsters, and when the dreamer awoke they left their Bad Dreams behind. As the Bad Dreams grew in number, they began to escape over the Rainbow and into the world below. Thus began the Dream Wars.

After a long battle and the forging of the Rainbow Sword, the Bad Dreams were driven back over the Rainbow into the Land of Dreams. Having been called from her sleep, the Celestial Unicorn awoke to set things right. She created the Ever After and moved the Far End of the Rainbow into Slumber Mountain. With the help of King Adam, she created the Gate and locked the Bad Dreams inside. To keep the Balance of Magic, a Key was created to the Gate and hidden in the Endless Plains.

Since there were still Bad Dreams loose, the Celestial Unicorn also created the Sparkle Pool and sang the very first Sparkle Ponies awake. She created three groups of Ponies, the Sparkle Ponies, the WildWood Ponies and the Emotiponies and sent them to guard the Rainbow and the Key. Then she returned to her Palace on the Moon, to sleep until she was called again.

Over the years the three groups of Ponies lost touch and no longer know about each other. Thus, the only group to get new ponies in the hundred years are the Sparkle Ponies, since they have control of the Sparkle Pool.


The Sparkle Ponies

NAMING PATTERN: One-word Names based on colors

COLOR SCHEME: Solid colored ponies in metallic colors with slightly lighter manes and tails. Solid black eyes and hooves, matching sparkle jewels and possibly a white facial or leg marking.

POWERS: They can Call the Rainbow (sort of like a Care Bear Stare) and depending on the color of the jewel they can: Teleport, Detect Lies, Turn Invisible, Shrink, Change Color, Heal, Turn to Stone, and various other things.

HOME: MorningStar Valley

PURPOSE: Guardians of Far Side of the Rainbow

MAIN VILLAINS: The Nightmares

CURRENT CAST: (unlimited)
— Rose
— Violet
— Celadon
— Moss
— Lemon
— Jade
— Sky
— Turquoise
— Mauve
— Topaz
— Olive


Martha Bechtel

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