SHSP: The Nightmares

The Nightmares were the most obvious villain group for a band of ponies defending the Land of Dreams… and so, Bob and Margaret were born!


Magic always seeks a balance. Just as the Celestial Unicorn had to create the Key in order to offset creating the Gate, so too was she forced to create the Nightmares.

When she used the power of the Moonlight Rainbow to create the Sparkle Ponies, the Celestial Unicorn created an imbalance in the Moon Magic. In order to keep the imbalance from turning some of the Sparkle Ponies evil, the Celestial Unicorn had to create her own villains.

Using magic from the Dark Side of the Moon, the Celestial Unicorn created twenty-two Nightmares, one for each of the Moon’s seas. Then she used the magic of the Moon’s one ocean to create the Nightstallion, the new Ruler of the Land of Dreams. She locked the Nightmares behind the Gate and gave them dominion over the Land of Dreams.

Now, when the Celestial Unicorn first created the Nightmares, she made sure to make more Nightmares than Sparkle Ponies. This way, instead of each Nightmare being just as Evil as a Sparkle Pony was Good, the Nightmares would be a little less Evil and a little bit Good. As new Sparkle Ponies were sung awake, the power of the Nightmares increased, but they never lost that little bit of Good.

Most of the Nightmares are content to rule over the Land of Dreams, each Mare having her own evil kingdom. But that isn’t enough for Bob, the Nightstallion. His power comes from the number of dreamers, and he wants to send everyone on the Near End of the Rainbow into an eternal sleep! (cue maniacal horse laughter here.)

Margaret is Bob’s right-hand mare, and she’s itching to replace the Celestial Unicorn as the most powerful equine.


The Nightmares

NAMING PATTERN: They are named by the child that first saw them in dreams.

COLOR SCHEME: Solid Black with silver markings around their necks and a crescent moon on their forehead.

POWERS: They can speak to anyone in their dreams, then can control and banish dreams, when outside of the Land of Dreams they can use their magic to make anyone fall asleep.

HOME: The Land of Dreams

PURPOSE: Rulers of the Land of Dreams

CURRENT CAST: 22 Mares, 1 Stallion
— Bob
— Margaret
— Doria
— Kimber
— Finvarra
— Jamari
— Midnight
— Kismet
— Allura
— Penfold
— Scarlet
— Adora
— Roxy
— Wisp
— Macek
— Runa
— Azrael
— Ravage
— Spike
— Twink
— Eternia
— Powder
— Chip


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