SHSP: The Kingdom of Arus

Okay, so technically the folks of Arus really aren’t Good or Bad, but since Duke Lain wants to take over the Rainbow… they are honorary Bad Guys!


The Kingdom of Arus has been around for several hundred years and is quite a bit larger than the Kingdom of Arcadia. This has more to do with the ruling family’s love of border wars than any imperial success, and their habit of nibbling up their neighbors has made them less than popular. Currently King Mis Lain is out tormenting the kingdom on their northern border, leaving his half-brother Duke Vil Lain to rule in his stead.

Having read the Evil Overlord list (by Peter Anspach, the Duke refuses to settle for being the Diet Coke of Evil. So the fact that two pre-teen girls and a handful of magical ponies routinely thwart him tends to put him in a bad mood.

Duke Lain learned of the Rainbow’s existence from a Bad Dream that was captured by his spy-scouts. He now seeks to enslave the WildWood Ponies and take control of the Near End of the Rainbow, thus gaining access to its magical power.


The Kingdom of Arus

NAMING PATTERN: Real words split in half.

COLOR SCHEME: People-colored.

MAGIC: None! The horror of it all…

HOME: The Castle Midnight

PURPOSE: Evil Overlording and a bit of nibbling

CURRENT CAST: (unlimited)
— King Mis Lain
— Duke Vil Lain
— Captain Nef Arious: White Knights
— Lt Mali Cious: White Knights


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