SHSP: The Kingdom of Arcadia

Okay, so technically the folks of Arcadia really aren’t Good or Bad, but since they are mostly Good, I suppose that makes them honorary SHSP!


A little over a hundred years ago the Kingdom of Arcadia was formed. King Adam was the third son of Empress Romelle and won Arcadia by right of conquest. As a King he was more tolerated than loved… but that all changed when the Dream Wars began! After sealing the Gate to the Land of Dreams (with the help of the Celestial Unicorn), King Adam returned to Arcadia and built Castle Greystone. He then finished out his reign and the throne went to his firstborn son. There have been four rulers since King Adam (the current King being the fourth), and the royal family is now well-loved by the populace.

The Princess Amber is an only child, and she spends most of her time with Madeline who is in training to become her Knight Champion. The nearest town to Greystone is the farming town of Pollux, and that’s where the girls spend most of their time.


The Kingdom of Arcadia

NAMING PATTERN: Anything Medieval-sounding

COLOR SCHEME: People-colored.

MAGIC: The court sorcerer can make pretty lights, put defensive shields around things, and has a fondness for making magic wind instruments. All-in-all, nothing particularly useful.

PURPOSE: Farming (for the most part)


CURRENT CAST: (unlimited)
— King & Queen (no name ala Calvin & Hobbes)
— Princess Amber
— Squire Madeline
— Keith: Captain of the Black Guard
— Lance: Black Guard
— Stable Master Taran


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