What happened to my spaceships?

Ya know, if someone had told me back when I was five that I’d spend most of my life doing things that weren’t ‘fun’… I think I would have crawled back into the sofa cushion fort and refused to come out.

Not that I have a bad job, mind you, I just never expected to be spending 10.5 hours a day at work (includes lunch & commuting) doing general clerical stuff. I always thought I’d be designing robots, spaceships, working as a LAN admin or help desk, training horses or police dogs, or just being my own randomly artistic self. (I shan’t even go into the whole income-through-poetry phase)

Am I the only one who ended up in a job that wasn’t even on my childhood radar?

And how on earth do folks end up with the ‘fun’ jobs? Is there some magic tree hidden in a forest somewhere that baps you on the head with a pinecone and says ‘Kazam!’

Ya know, I’m vaguely motivated to start a website called The Magic Pinecone devoted to nothing but helping people work from home in an artistic/creative fashion… Only I have to figure out how it’s done first. ^_~

And to think, I know people who make a living doing nothing but selling scrapbooking supplies! Too bad I’m not into scrapbooking… *sighs*

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