Welcome to my little corner shop! I have a variety of small art pieces that work great as stocking stuffers or small everyday gifts as well as a bunch of paint-your-own castings and printables.

Shipment inside the US is by USPS Priority Mail and is a flat $12.00. (If you have a smaller item and would like to go First Class instead, just let me know!) If you are outside of the US and would like to place an order, please email me and I can set up a custom Etsy listing for you that will cover the shipping charges (and possible VAT).

Refund and Return Policy

  • Custom Model Horses

    Custom Model Horses (24)

    These are fantasy and realistic customized model horses (Breyer, artist resins, Safari Ltd., etc.) that have been repainted and sometimes resculpted.
  • Magnets

    Magnets (97)

    Get ready to add a dash of magic and wonder to your fridge with my one-of-a-kind handmade resin, plastic, and wood magnets! These little beauties are lovingly spawned from the Messy Workbench and set loose upon the kitchens of the world. Mwahahaha! From vibrant colors to quirky designs, these magnets will bring a smile to your face. Whether you're displaying…
  • Model Horse Props

    Model Horse Props (54)

    Scale props for Model Horses, from Micro Mini (1:64) up to Traditional (1:9)!
  • Odds and Ends

    Odds and Ends (1)

    Products that don't fit a category.
  • Ornaments

    Ornaments (8)

    Handmade resin and wooden ornaments.
  • Paint Your Own

    Paint Your Own (9)

    Want to bring your own flair to a pony or ornament? Check out these raw and prepped listings!